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Partnership Opportunities

The Oregon Public House was founded in 2010 as an innovative way to allow the community to participate in supporting nonprofits of all sizes, locations and mission focuses while enjoying tasty food and beverages.

At OPH our unique partnerships allow guests to engage with organizations serving; Animals, Arts & Culture, Children, Youth & Families, Civic & Community Engagement, Education, Food & Nutrition, Health & Wellness, Housing & Economic Development, Nature & the Environment, and more!

We currently have a variety of opportunities available including our "GIVE Menu" partnership, Charity of the Day events, and the Pints with Purpose + Donation of the Month program! 

Please see below for more information about each of these programs and sign up for our nonprofit newsletter to receive updates about application periods, new programs and all the fun, foodie, philanthropy our Pub as to offer!


"GIVE Menu" Partnership

Thank you for your interest in partnering with the Oregon Public House to raise funds and awareness for your good works!
OPH chooses six nonprofit partners at a time for a period of 5 ½ months, during which our customers vote with each of their transactions in the Pub, telling us how to divide our profits amongst these rotating partners.

We support NPO's that cover a wide gamut of social justice, community and environmental needs. As such, we are a place where anyone can walk in and find an organization that is caring for a need that they feel passionate about. Our partners rotate twice a year and include 6 organizations at a time.  See our FAQ at the bottom of the page for more details.

We have an open application period twice a year. 

Current Partners

Passport Oregon
Passport Oregon is an all-volunteer nonprofit that believes outdoor exploration should be a part of every Oregonian’s life. They connect kids from under-natured communities with the outdoors that define our state, creating the next generation of mountain climbers, tree huggers, and nature lovers by sending young explorers on six day-long outdoor adventures across the state.
The Northeast Portland Tool Library (NEPTL) provides NE PDX residents of all income levels access to tools, empowering our neighbors to build and maintain a sustainable, thriving community. From hammers to table saws, NEPTL manages an inventory of nearly 5,000 tools,helping members repair their homes, find work, plant gardens, and much more.

Food for Families
Food for Families is a mobile food pantry started by students at Centennial High School. With more than 75 percent of students in the district qualifying for free or reduced lunch, the students created their own nonprofit to provide free groceries to the community. The mobile pantry operates out of a retired school bus and is a partner agency with the Oregon Food Bank.

Marrow PDX
Marrow is a youth-centered community space with a focus on education, the arts, and activism. By empowering teens to take ownership over their education, Marrow fosters a community of youth who are visually, socially, and culturally literate. Marrow believes that quality, self-directed education should be accessible for any young person - no one is ever turned away for lack of funds.
Carpe Mundi
Carpe Mundi provides low-income, first-generation Portland college students with a year-long mentorship and scholarship program that includes a study abroad semester. Students earn credits from PSU while traveling, and receive academic, emotional, and logistical support before and after. Carpe Mundi increases the likelihood that students will graduate from college and become change-makers in their communities.

Keep Oregon Well
Keep Oregon Well (powered by Mental Health Matters) is a public advocacy campaign and social movement designed to reduce stigma surrounding mental and behavioral health. Keep Oregon Well is building a trauma-informed community, and giving people the opportunity to learn more about mental health while standing with those who may be struggling with theirs.


Thank you for support!


OPH welcomes nonprofit organizations to partner with us to raise money and awareness for their missions all year long! In addition to our rotating partnerships, we are pleased to have guest nonprofits come in and take over the Pub for a day by hosting a Charity of the Day (COTD) event!
During your COTD, the Pub is yours.  Throughout the day you are welcome to use our space for a wide variety of activities in support of your mission. Groups have found success in raising money, awareness, reaching new clients or volunteers, hosting donor or volunteer appreciation events and much more!
The best way to have a smooth and profitable event is to schedule a variety of activities to bring in your community throughout the day. You can host trivia, stream a film, hold a raffle, sell merch, have live music, solicit direct donations and more, all while working to boost Pub sales for a donation from OPH as well!

Some things to ask yourself when considering hosting a COTD event:

1. Can you mobilize your networks to patronize OPH throughout the day on a Monday?
2. Can you provide members of your team to have a presence in the Pub all day? 
3. Are you willing to promote and advertise this event like crazy?
If you answered YES to all of these questions, we would love to partner with your organization! 


For your event, we commit to:

1. Donate between 5-15% of the daily sales directly to your organization!
2. Work with you to plan your event and discuss what has made other NPO’s successful (we’ve had groups raise hundreds, as well as thousands of dollars at their events).
3. Providing social media support about your day, and your charity throughout the week.
If you’re interested in this partnership, please follow this link to our COTD application, refer to the calendar below for available dates, and we'll be in touch shortly to set up a meeting and make a plan for a fun and successful event!

Prospective Partner FAQ

How does a not-for-profit bar work?

OPH operates like typical pub: we serve food and beverages and pay our staff, rent, and other expenses, then we donate the rest! While OPH is not a tax-exempt organization itself, we are operated by a volunteer Board of Directors and we distribute our profits amongst rotating nonprofit partners and guest charities.

What is the difference between a rotating "GIVE Menu" partner and a "Charity of the Day" partner?

Rotating “GIVE Menu” partners are the six organizations that OPH commits to working with as a group for several months at a time. These organizations also have their logo and mission statements printed on our menus, on the GIVE menu, and have other opportunities to engage with our community and raise funds/awareness through our platform. These partners are selected by our Board of Directors and are the recipients of our proceeds for the duration of our partnership, typically five or six months.

“Charity of the Day” partners are the hosts of one-day events at OPH, scheduled on Mondays. They receive a percentage of sales donation on the day of their event. COTD partners have the opportunity to take over the whole space for a day to raise money and awareness, make new connections and get a feel for what it might be like to engage in a longer partnership with OPH.

How are donations allocated amongst the GIVE Menu Partners?

Every time a guest completes a transaction at the pub they are asked to cast a vote for one of our nonprofit partners. One transaction = one vote. At the end of each month we pay our bills and donate the rest. The average monthly donation from OPH is $2,900, which is split amongst our partners according to customer vote and purchase amount.

What are the ambassador shifts like? Would we need to staff servers or bussers?

Ambassador shifts are an opportunity for our guests to learn about your work from the most passionate and knowledgeable people involved, you! OPH asks our partners to bring a couple of their volunteers by once a week for a few hours to act as ambassadors, representing the organization and engaging with our customers. We encourage you to use this time creatively, there are no specific duties assigned to these volunteers.

How do I apply for these opportunities?

Applications for the GIVE Menu are open twice a year, in the early spring and fall. Partners are selected by OPH’s Board of Directors. This partnership works best for smaller, local organizations.

Charity of the Day partnerships are booked on a rolling basis, dates are first come, first served. Organizations of all sizes and locations are encouraged to host a COTD. 

The Pints with Purpose+Donation of the Month program is currently booked by invitation only. This partnership works best for organizations that have engaged with OPH before, have strong community connections to the Pub and would like to host an in-kind donation drive along with their fundraising efforts.

Follow us on Facebook for updates on application periods and email OPH’s Director of Nonprofit Partnerships, Molly Gray, at partnerships@oregonpublichouse.com with any other questions!

Are there other ways to get involved?

Yes! As the event venue operated by OPH, the Village Ballroom shares our mission to support social benefit organizations! When you book the Village Ballroom you have the opportunity to choose one of our current GIVE Menu partners to be the recepient of the proceeds from your event!