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August 20th, 2018

Summer 2018!

Cheers To A Great Summer!

Sunny months bring a lot to be excited about at The Oregon Public House,
  • Open Application Period for Spring 2019 Partners
  • Updates from the Donation of the Month Program,
  • Conscious Comedy with Rotating Partners,
  • Upcoming Charity of the Day Events,
and more!
Donation total as of April 2018

It's almost time to apply for OPH's Rotating GIVE Menu Partnership

Applications for spring 2019 will be available here from September 5-26!

OPH seeks to rotate our nonprofit partners among multiple focus areas including:
- Animals
- Arts & Culture
- Children, Youth & Families
- Civic & Community Engagement
- Education
- Food & Nutrition
- Health & Wellness
- Housing & Economic Development
- Nature & the Environment

Many partners fall into several categories simultaneously or outside of these all together. Through our varous partnership opportunities OPH seeks to support nonprofits of many shapes, sizes, locations and missions! 

Conscious Comedy

The last Wednesday of every month* OPH hosts 'Socially Relevant Comedy for A Cause' in the Village Ballroom! 

What causes you ask? Why, our amazing GIVE Menu Partners of course!

Tickets and food/beverage sales benefit the featured nonprofit:

Aug. 29Northeast Portland Tool Library loaning tools for community empowerment

Sept. 26 - Food for Families, Inc. operating a free food pantry in the Centennial school district

Oct. 31 - Marrow PDX empowering teens to take ownership of their education

Nov. 28 - Carpe Mundi  serving low-income first generation college students

Dec. 26 * - Conscious Comedy is taking the month off, happy winter! 

Tickets are available on Facebook for each event separately. 


Donation of the Month Program Updates!

Since OPH began collecting in-kind donations at the Pub in April, we have helped to provide;
books for children in low-income ares.
comfort items for foster kids changing homes.
resources for survivors of domestic violence.
recreation materials for adults living with disabilities.
Now, throughout August we are collecting classroom supplies for public school teachers and students.

Upcoming Charity Of The Day Events

Don't miss our weekly guest nonprofit fundraisers! Check OPH's Facebook for event specific info or stop by on a Monday to support one of these exciting groups.

8/20 - Human Solutions
8/27 - Tiesha's Place

9/3 - American Association of Zookeepers
9/10 - The Aspire Project
9/17 - Air/plane Cottage School
9/27 - 2 Hands, 7 Continents

10/1 - Babywearing International
10/8 - The Shadow Project
10/15 - Fighting Pretty 
10/22 - Schoolyard Farms

Book one for your team today - dates through April 2019 available now!

Thank you for being a part of this project; to EAT in community, DRINK to a new way of donating, and GIVE to those changing the world!

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