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April 20th, 2015

Introducing: Aletruism Brewing

Here we go!  The next step in our vision...  Introducing: Aletruism Brewing.

First of all, let me just say THANK YOU!  To all who have supported us and contributed over the last 5 years.  It's been amazing.  Some of you know, we used "Crowd Funding" to get our Pub open.  Although, we didn't know it at the time.  It was the old fashioned way of Crowd Funding: Talking to people.  Slowly, over years, we shared our dream and idea with everyone we could find, and after 3 years of this, we finally opened the doors to the Oregon Public House.  By going about it this way, we opened debt free and were able to donate to world changing charities within the first few weeks.  But now, we want to take our vision and our beer to the masses.  So...we're going massive!

From the beginning, it was our desire and plan to, one day, brew our own beer.  About a year ago, that became a reality when we introduced our Do-Gooder IPA.  Made in partnership with Dean Ivester and Pints Brewery, we finally were able to "tap" into the Brewing industry.  Now, we move forward.  The next step is to purchase our own 20 barrel fermenter, allowing us to brew much more of our loved Do-Gooder, as well as several other beers, on an ongoing basis.

By brewing our own beer, we can cut down on our overhead costs, and put ourselves in a position to donate MORE to our world changing charity partners.  Also, it allows for us to start distributing our beer to pubs all around Portland, allowing people to Have a Pint & Change the World wherever they are.  Cheers to that!

This is where YOU come in.  We are going to fund this project through a Kickstarter Campaign.  Just like our Pub, we want to open completely debt free.  Allowing us to brew and DONATE, immediately.

Our Kickstarter Campaign starts Friday, April 24th and will run for 30 days.  We're having a big 'ol party and kickoff in the Pub, Friday April 24th, at 7pm.  Let's see what us Aletruists can do! 

Tell your friends.  Haggle your neighbors.  Send a letter to your sweet grandmama.  Let's get the word out.

Let us know if you have any questions...


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