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Partnered Charities

We support NPO's that cover a wide gamut of social justice, community and environmental needs. As such, we are a place where anyone can walk in and find an organization that is caring for a need that they feel passionate about. Our Charity List rotates twice a year, and includes 6 different charities at a time.

Currently, these are the charities that we are supporting:


Works with volunteers to remove pavement and replace it with green space. They engage communities and improve neighborhoods through action-oriented projects, education, advocacy and stewardship. They strive for livable cities in which people and wildlife coexist and prosper amidst clean air, clean water, robust urban forests, thriving local agriculture, and active communities.


Works to love, humanize and empower our friends who live outside. Sharing meals – eating together as a community, fostering intimacy and relationship. Sharing hope – listen to each others stories, being present, and affirming other’s worth even when times are rough. Sharing supplies – everything from socks to camping gear; meeting needs through relationship they ensure that these resources are given directly to our friends.


An all-breed, no-kill dog rescue that works via a foster network—once pups join the crew, they never see a shelter again (nope, never). They provide extensive support to families with a foster-to-adopt program and lifetime commitment to their kids, aiming to make the world a kinder, cuter place—one tail at a time. For puppy pics with personality, follow them @OTATpdx and Facebook.com/OTATpdx. Foster (it’s free!) or adopt with them, to have a dog for your own cute photos.


A new college at the heart of a movement to drive change in the culture of education by modeling a new approach. They believe each person has distinct potential too precious to waste. For people who are not served best by the traditional college model, they offer an alternative that gives them the chance to grow, be challenged, and thrive. Their ultimate goal is that higher education happens on purpose: students arrive knowing why they’re there, pick a field of study based on deep reasons, and confidently pursue the rest of their lives with intention.


Brings neighbors together to transform vacant lots into neighborhood gardens for the purposes of education, community building and improving food security. They strive toward a closed-loop system of garden management which provides all inputs; compost, fertilizer and seed within the collective gardens, eliminating the need to enter the cash for goods economy. They are righteous scavengers!


Empowering breast cancer survivors through the thrilling sport of dragon boating. Teammates, united by their breast cancer diagnosis, say they find their strength through paddling and racing together. Named for the mythical bird which rises from the ashes, symbolizing rebirth and the beginning of a new life, Pink Phoenix has been an important part of recovery for hundreds of survivors since 1997. 


We accept "applications" for new charities all year long.  Here’s how to apply:
Hold a Charity of the Day event!  At this event, the Pub is yours.  Whatever profit is earned in the Pub on that day is donated directly to your charity.  Also, we encourage you to sell your own merchandise, hold a raffle, bring a band, whatever you’d like!  We’re here to support you.  A couple expectations:

  1. Can you get 300 people come to OPH throughout the entire day on a Monday? 
  2. Are you willing to promote and advertise this event like crazy?
  3. Can you provide volunteers to help at OPH for your day? 
  4. Can you set and meet a goal of $2500 in proceeds to reach the 10% donation?
  5. Can you meet with us to make a plan for success?

If you answered YES to all of these questions, we would love to partner together!  For your event, we commit to

  1. Providing social media support about your day, and your charity throughout the week.
  2. We work with you to discuss what has made other NPO’s succesful (we’ve had almost $3,000 raised in a single day).
  3. Allow you to sell your merchandise in our space.
  4. Commit to as much as 10% of total sales if a minimum is reached.
  5. And when free, allow you use of our Village Ballroom just upstairs of the Pub, with room for up to 300!

If you’re interested in this partnership, please email molly@oregonpublichouse.com today!