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700 NE Dekum St. Portland, OR 97211

Partnered Charities

We attempt to support NPO's that cover a wide gamut of social justice, community and environmental needs. As such, we attempt to be a place where anyone can walk in and find an organization that is caring for a need that they feel passionate about. Our Charity List is often rotating and expands to as many as 10 at a time.

Currently, these are the charities that we are supporting:


Connects U.S Veterans as mentors and inner city youth together into the wild rivers of nature using fly fishing as a healing
for both groups to becoming a guardian of nature, teacher or role model as an act of service into the outdoors. The hope is
that it encourages youth participants to grow and become ambassadors of our natural environment. 


An initiative of Embrace Oregon, provides children entering foster care with a large box of new clothing, shoes and other
comfort items to call their own. By mobilizing the community, we dream of a day when every child involved with DHS
would have a safe, nurturing home to flourish. These boxes of new items help to instill dignity and meet tangible needs
of Portland-area kids during a time of crisis.


Striving to break the cycle of poverty by reducing monthly utility bills for at-risk Oregon families by funding the installation
of photovoltaic solar electric systems (solar panels) made by Oregonians on affordable housing projects developed by public
and private entities throughout Oregon.


Taking a bite out of hunger! Many low income children in Portland rely on their federally-sponsored school lunch as their main meal
of the day. Each Friday at Woodlawn, King and Harvey Scott Schools and at Tina Clegg Head Start, we send 237 schoolchildren
home with two lunches for the weekend so they are fed and ready to learn on Monday. 


Provides opportunities for youth in corrections to develop the personal and vocational skills they will need to become
responsible, productive members of the community. The youth learn patience, compassion, and respect for all life
through socializing, training, and re-homing shelter dogs.


Focused on delivering excellent, equitable education to underserved children, their families and their communities.
Our mission is to eliminate the prolific racial achievement gap and cultivate confident, creative, compassionate, leaders
who exceed expectations at each milestone ages 0-10.


Provides adventure therapy for those in our community affected by life challenging conditions. They are dedicated to teaching,
mentoring, and engaging them to discover their passions through a sense of adventure – to enhance personal development,
develop life skills, and create lasting memories.


To equip families with the life skills necessary to become productive members of our community by providing housing,
education and a supportive community so homeless families can regain their independence and transform their lives.



We accept applications for new charities all year long.  Here’s how to apply:

Hold a Charity of the Day event!  At this event, the Pub is yours.  Whatever profit is earned in the Pub on that day is donated directly to your charity.  Also, we encourage you to sell your own merchandise, hold a raffle, bring a band, whatever you’d like!  We’re here to support you.  A couple expectations:


  1. Can you get 300 people come to OPH throughout the entire day on a Monday? 
  2. Are you willing to promote and advertise this event like crazy?
  3. Can you provide volunteers to help at OPH for your day? 
  4. Can you set and meet a goal of $2500 in proceeds to reach the 10% donation?
  5. Can you meet with us to make a plan for success?

If you answered YES to all of these questions, we would love to partner together!  For your event, we commit to

  1. Providing social media support about your day, and your charity throughout the week.  
  2. We work with you to discuss what has made other NPO’s succesful (we’ve had almost $3,000 raised in a single day).  
  3. Allow you to sell your merchandise in our space.  
  4. Commit to as much as 10% of total sales if a minimum is reached.  
  5. And when free, allow you use of our Village Ballroom just upstairs of the Pub, with room for up to 300!  

If you’re interested in this partnership, please email cindy@oregonpublichouse.com today!