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700 NE Dekum St. Portland, OR 97211



Beer Swiss Cheese Fondue w/ Pretzels $7
Beer Batter Fries $5
Fondue Cheese Fries $6.50
Sweet Potato Tots $5
(served with house-made Caribbean Spicy Banana Rum Ketchup on the side)

OPH Nachos $8
Crispy tortilla chips topped with seasoned ground chicken, black bean puree, three cheese green chile fondue sauce, cilatro lime pico de gallo, and a dollop of sour cream. Vegetarian option - $7

Garlic Rosemary Herb Cheesy Bread  $5

House made Hummus w/ Seasonal Vegetables & Warm Pita $5


Steak and Stout Pasty - $11
Fresh steak marinated in stout beer combined with potatoes, onion and creamy blue cheese in a rich stout gravy, wrapped in a flakey, traditional pasty.
Served with a small house salad and a dipping sauce.

Curry Vegetarian Pasty - $10
Vegetable medley of broccoli, potatoes, carrots and onion, with coconut milk, mild yellow curry and a hint of cilantro crimped inside our signature pasty.
Served with a small house salad.

OPH Burger, with fries - $8
House all-natural ground beef – grilled medium with a generous slice of Tillamook cheddar cheese placed atop a Dave’s Killer hamburger bun sauced with the OPH secret sauce
Bacon, blue cheese, Boca patty, gluten free bread, salad sub, sweet potato fries, and/or tots.
Add-ons & substitutions $1.50 each

OPH House Reuben, with fries - $8
Brined Corned Beef gently simmered all day long placed on buttered grilled caraway rye with melted Swiss cheese, thousand island, dijonaise, and homemade braised Sauer Kraut.  Gluten-free option available.

OPH Fish and Chips - $10
Two Pieces Beer Battered cod served with OPH lemon tartar aioli.

Polenta - $9
Spinach basil mushroom polenta triangles grilled until lightly crisped topped with cilantro lime ginger aioli (yogurt based) accompanied with herbed marinated zucchini planks and vegetable basmati rice.
VEGAN option as well.
Add lemon paprika marinated chicken - $3

OPH French Dip - $9
Bottom round of beef, sliced razor thin and placed on a garlic buttered French roll, lightly brushed with dijonaise.  Accompanied with fries, or tots, and a rich au jus dipping sauce.  Gluten-free option available.
Add sautéed spinach, mushroom & Swiss cheese $3

Vegetable Sandwich, with fries - $8
Herb marinated char-broiled zucchini planks on toasted multi-grain bread with garlic herb cream cheese. Topped with lettuce, tomato & onion.

Quatro Formaggio Ravioli – $9
(Vegetarian) Ravioli filled with a blend of cheeses topped with creamy cauliflower, mushroom, and seasonal squash alfredo sauce, and topped with fresh hand-grated parmesan and Hannah cheeses, drizzled with pesto sauce and tear drop sweet peppers.
Served with seasonal vegetables.
Great with chicken also! Add $3.50

SALADS   Add chicken breast to any $3  All salads can be made Vegan by request.

Arugula, quinoa, fennel, sunflower seeds, tomato, with OPH summer strawberry champagne vinegar salad dressing. $7
Spinach with feta, tomato, strawberries, crispy corn tortilla strips, red onion (creamy tarragon buttermilk and mango cantaloupe) $7
House salad with romaine, iceberg, rainbow chard and Arcadian mesclun mix topped with baby tomato, cucumbers, sliced marinated golden beets, sliced cremini mushrooms $6
All salads can be made Vegan by request.


Berry crumble with vanilla ice cream $5
Chocolate Torte – Gluten free and melts in your mouth. $5
Root beer float  $4
Salted caramel cheesecake w/ fresh strawberry $6
House made jumbo chocolate chip & oatmeal ice cream sandwich. $4