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Frequently Asked Questions

How can my charity get supported by The Oregon Public House?

Right now, the best way to be involved is by becoming a Featured "Charity of the Day".  This allows you to be the ONLY charity benefitting from our single night sales.  If you'd like more info on how this works, please contact molly@oregonpublichouse.com and we can chat. 
New Charities "apply" by holding one of these events and we get a chance to work together.  For more info, email us or click here.
If you would like, please follow us on Facebook and or Twitter as we will be letting people know when we will be opening up our application process.

Ok... what's the catch?

Seriously, no catch. We're just trying to do our small part to give back to our community.

So who gets paid then? Who's actually making money off this?

No one. Literally no one is "making money" off this idea or our business.  We (the Board) are all volunteers and have hired, at industry standards, employees to work and run the restaurant, but no one will receive any "salary" or "stipend" or payment of any kind simply because we came up with this idea, or are helping direct and guide the vision. This is a profit-generating machine for, and only for, the charities we support.

So how do you all make money?

Everyone who is a part of the Board of the Oregon Public House has another full time job. We are all volunteers helping to make this vision a reality, and continue to volunteer now that we are open.

How can I be involved?

In a number of ways.  Volunteering to help serve, host, clean, bus tables, and work in the Pub is the most direct.  If you're interested in Volunteering, shoot us an email at volunteer@oregonpublichouse.com.
Also, by renting our Ballroom, The Village Ballroom, you help offset our facilities cost.
The third way, is by becoming a Founder. All of our Founders donations go to the opening of our Brewery, which will allow us to produce and sell beer at a significantly higher profit margin, thereby enabling us to generate more and more money for our Charities.

Are you really the "first of your kind"?

Well, when we started and were incorporated in September of 2010, all the extensive research that Google allowed seemed to infer this.  At that time we began working on the opening of the Pub. Others have definitely created a similar way of giving back and raising funds through business, but our model of choosing your own charity, and giving back through the social and communal nature of a Pub is definitely the first of its kind.

What makes you think you can actually make money for charities?

We are!  In our first year alone, we donated over $25,000. Our goal is much bigger...but it takes YOUR help!  And by that we mean, come in, grab a meal and a pint, and pick your charity.  Tough work.

Ok, I'm game.  How can I help?

Become a Founder!  Free Beer for life...and I'm helping charities.  What???

  • Level 1 Founders ($2,500 donation)
  • Level 2 Founders ($1,500 donation)
  • Level 3 Founders ($500 donation)

Involvement at both levels get you a "Founder's Card" - a personalized ID card, to be presented for your free beer. Also, you will have your personalized pint glass displayed on the "Wall of Founders" behind the Bar in the pub, which you may use at each visit.
Click here to become a Founder RIGHT NOW!  Simply scroll down and click on the level Founder you wish to become.
If you'd like to give at any level, please email Ryan Saari at ryan@oregonpublichouse.com, or call us at 503.828.0884 x3.

Other ways are volunteering!  We love having volunteers come in the Pub, help greet people and serve, as well as advocate for their favorite charity.  It's the most direct way to get involved right now.  Email us at volunteer@oregonpublichouse.com.

Lastly, you can rent our Ballroom!  The Village Ballroom is Portland's only not for profit Ballroom.  Just like the Pub, you get to choose what charity you want your event to donate to.  Perfect for corporate events, weddings, parties, training sessions, dances, etc...